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5.0 4/30/2022
This store is extraordinary. Clean, well organized and friendly staff. The best thing about the store, though, is getting the digital shopping cart that connects to your Amazon app and scans everything as you put it into the cart—so checkout is nonexistent; you literally just return the cart, remove your bags and go. It’s worth a visit just to experience the technology. I highly recommend it.
2.0 4/29/2022
Didn't like the experience this time. The main feature that had me coming back was the convenience of the smart card and how easy it was to just put the items straight into the bag and then check out without waiting with your Amazon account. Now they give you no bags at start you put all the items straight in to the cart and that check out you have to put the items into the bags. I asked the worker there why they started doing it this way and they said because they had charged for bags now. Why can't you just charge it on the order just like every other grocery store that asked you how many bags? This has made it very inconvenient I feel and I probably won't be coming back as often
4.0 5/30/2022
The dash cart is an interesting experience. Super simple if you put in one item at a time. Put in several items at the same time it can get confused. Also, items like produce can cause it to get confused. Very fast and convenient when it works. Can be frustrating and slow when it gets items wrong and you have to fix it. Prices were generally higher here compared to Target or Walmart for the same items but the promo discounts made up for that. Update 3/16/2022... Haven't been here in a while but I got some $15 off $35 coupons in the mail to bring me back. Got a ton of stuff for $20! The coupon deals are pretty amazing... Update 5/29/22... $20 off $40 coupons makes stuff here a steal but they don't have as much produce and selection compared to other grocery stores. Decided to try the pizza today for $9.99... got the supreme but should have asked for no olives... Those are way too salty...
4.0 5/25/2022
I have been to this location twice. First time was when they just opened up. Today was the second time. I think either supply chain issue or restocking issue made the whole shopping experience less nicer. Most shelves were empty and/or lack of items. I know for a fact that this is something you're frowned upon in the retail world. Employees were nice and helpful.
5.0 3/23/2022
I love this store. The employees are friendly and will help you use the smart cart. It can get very busy at lunch time. The shelves can be empty often. It is a fulfillment center so employees are busy filling orders.


How many jobs are available at Amazon Fresh?

There are 0,000 open jobs at Amazon Fresh located at 13672 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602, United States.

What roles Amazon is hiring at Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh has at Amazon Fresh that is located at Amazon Fresh.

Are there any remote or work-from-home jobs at Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh doesn't have any work-from-home and remote jobs currently at Amazon Fresh in 13672 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602, United States.

What's the address of Amazon MSP9 in Brooklyn Park, MN?

Amazon Fresh is located at 13672 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602, United States and has 0,000 open jobs.

What skills are required to work at Amazon Fresh in 13672 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602, United States?

There 0,000 open jobs at Amazon Fresh that require , and skills.

How can I contact the direct HR in the facility?

The best way to contact HR and recruiting manager is by submitting an application at using the following URL:

When will I start my job at Amazon MSP9?

Check your email update the date set if already applied for a job at 13672 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602, United States.

How can I apply for a position at Amazon Fresh?

Go to the Amazon Fresh jobs page at and apply for the jobs.

If wanted to apply to be a at Amazon in Brooklyn park where could apply. Please send me the link if you could.

Go to the Amazon Fresh jobs page at, locate the job you're looking to apply for and click apply.

How do i fill out a application? Or get the right phone number?

The best way to do it is to apply online at Go to, find the job you're interested in and click apply.