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MedPoint Urgent Care Remote
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January 14, 2023
MedPoint Urgent Care
Boston, Massachusetts
We’re seeking an ambitious and enthusiastic Executive Assistant with hands-on accounting and administration skills to support our growing technology business. You’ll be responsible for day-to-day administration and recordkeeping for our domestic and international operations. This position requires both technical and personal skills, as our Executive Assistant will work directly with internal and external professionals.
- Maintain electronic documents and filing systems, including contracts, invoices, and other agreements and records
- Organize meeting agendas, materials, and minutes
- Prepare applications, correspondence, and other business documents
- Work with internal accounting to reconcile financial forecasts and statements
- Work with external accounting, legal, and compliance to prepare, file, and retain required records
- Act as an informed gatekeeper for customers, suppliers, and team members
- Maintain confidentiality of all business, corporate, personnel matters
- Work closely with and take on responsibilities to conserve CEO time
Qualifications and Experience
- A university degree with a record of academic achievement
- 5+ years related work experience in a private or public company
- Knowledge of accounting, business administration, and corporate governance
- English communication skills including clear and concise writing
- Multitasking to completion and schedule
- Technology literacy is a plus

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