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December 4, 2022
Middleton, Wisconsin

Ballotpedia is seeking a full-time, 100% remote user interface/user experience designer and analyst to join our growing team. This is an ideal opportunity for a highly curious and experienced professional and problem solver who is passionate about utilizing technology, design and automation to help Ballotpedia fulfill its civic mission of informing voters, and expand its election coverage to cover every contested election in America, especially at the local level.

Taking direction from the Vice President of Election Product and Technology Strategy, you will report to our Director of Technology and be part of the Ballotpedia Tech team. You will create product functional requirements and specifications, create wireframes and mockups, and design user interfaces. You will also build mockups and prototypes for user feedback and testing to validate designs if necessary. The ideal candidate will help us create the best user experience possible for our readers and audiences on our website and mobile applications and across our entire suite of election information products and services.

Ballotpedia’s Election Product and Tech teams support the rest of the staff in making high-quality political data and unbiased encyclopedic content available to the American public by improving many aspects of Ballotpedia’s web presence and the behind-the-scenes tools used by staff.


As a UI/UX Analyst Designer, you will:

  • Analyze business goals, product goals and operational areas and processes to identify problems, issues, and improvement opportunities that can be solved with automation and system capabilities.
  • Perform the necessary research and analysis to support change recommendations.
  • Document system requirements through functional specifications and user stories.
  • Create requirements and specifications for product and systems development producing designs using process and data flow diagrams, flowcharts, and other documentation as needed.
  • Define user responsibilities, roles, and duties in context of system capabilities and system interactions using use cases and other forms of documentation.
  • Create wireframes and build prototypes to communicate system capabilities to and for both users and developers.
  • Confirm and refine development designs and specifications through user discussions and user/usability testing.
  • Following best practices and industry standards, design User Interfaces for web based applications (desktop, tablet and mobile views) to support product and user needs
  • Produce detailed system specifications using CSS and low and high-fidelity mockups
  • Design system outputs (reports, databases, exports, and API endpoints)

Qualifications and Characteristics

A UI/UX Analyst Designer must:

  • Have at least three years of career experience in user interface and user experience, analysis, design, and information architecture (IA).
  • Be able to evaluate business goals and user needs, and translate them into product, operational and system requirements and specifications.
  • Be able to communicate requirements through creation of written specifications, use cases, data/process diagrams, mockups, wireframes, and other forms of documentation.
  • Be able to interact with users of all types, as well as developers both independently, as a leader or participant, and/or as part of a team effort always in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Be humble, seeking to improve the work of the rest of the staff, and approaching projects as a team member.
  • Be dedicated and willing to work hard to support the mission of Ballotpedia
  • Have an unending appetite for learning and mastering new technology
  • Experience with the following is required:
    • Adept proficiency with popular UI/UX visual design platforms including but not limited to (you will be able to use your platform of choice):
      • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Marvel, Adobe XD, Proto.io, Craft, Axure, etc…
    • HTML
    • CSS


The UI/UX Analyst Designer will work remotely from their home location. All Ballotpedia staff work remotely. To join Ballotpedia, you must have a computer with Internet access.

Ballotpedia has a flexible work environment, BP Flex, in which every employee enjoys unlimited vacation and flexibility in scheduling. Each employee will be oriented to the principles of Ballotpedia’s flexible environment during new employee training.


The starting pay range for the UI/UX Analyst Designer is $75,000-$90,000/year commensurate with experience.

In addition to salary, Ballotpedia offers an annual benefits stipend equivalent to $8,000 that is paid out in equal increments in each paycheck once an employee becomes benefits eligible. The stipend may be used to pay for a full benefits package, including health, vision, and dental insurance; retirement accounts; and more. If benefits are not elected, the stipend is taxed as regular income and added to salary.

To Apply

To apply, visit the Ballotpedia job opportunities page and fill out the form.

Please attach the following in PDF format:

  • résumé
  • cover letter detailing your interest in Ballotpedia’s mission, this position and your salary expectations

Please ensure that either your résumé or your cover letter include your current address.

About Ballotpedia

Ballotpedia is a collaborative team of fast learners and creative problem solvers who are eager to work hard to make the world a better place. We believe the world will be a better place if every citizen has access to information to make informed decisions about their vote in every election in which they are eligible to vote: primary, general, and special elections; federal, state, and local offices.

We work diligently to present the available information about elections, candidates, judges, ballot measures, policies, and more in a way that enables our readers to vote with confidence and to act as engaged citizens outside of the polling booth.

Ballotpedia readers, like Ballotpedia staff, are special people.

When we launched in 2007, we did not go out of our way to seek new readers. Starting with our small team of visionary idealists, nerds, and aspiring political journalists, we just wrote the best unbiased online articles we could, especially about ballot measures. Readers found those articles in droves. It turns out there was an unclaimed audience out there—people who wanted straightforward facts about political issues, and were willing to read at length instead of just scanning the headlines.

“If you build it, they will come:'' our readers came to our neutral oasis in growing numbers; we’ve had many millions of lifetime pageviews, we reached nearly half of all voters in 2020, and, in the month surrounding the November 2020 election, we were the 77th most-visited website in the U.S.

We’ve come to realize that we need to meet our readers where they are. In doing so, over the past five years, we’ve grown our email newsletter program from infancy to include more than 1,000,000 opt-in subscribers with more than a dozen newsletters to choose from. We are working in numerous ways to help put our neutral information in front of people at the times when they most need it, including on mobile phones while you’re standing in the voting booth. We firmly believe that our readers, and the mindset we help them cultivate, are essential to the preservation of our great civilization in a world where too many others are fighting to get us all addicted to sensational posts and the irrational decisions they foster.

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