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November 23, 2022
Anago Partners
Boston, Massachusetts

Anago Partners is a non-profit ministry organization with the purpose of helping pastors and churches to flourish.

To learn more about Anago Partners see our website at .

Purpose of the Position: This position is to serve Anago Partners Cohort Facilitators in the successful administrative functions of a cohort of pastors and church leaders.


Location - It is a remote role, and will not require travel and can be done from any location.


Preview Workshops: 

  • Support cohort facilitators by communicating the right information to interested people during the recruiting process, and also to participants during the months of the program. Responding to those interested. Oversee accurate registrations of participants, manage RSVPs, manage payments of cohort participants

Supporting Cohort Facilitators & Workshops: Coordinating the details of cohort meetings and workshops including:

  • Work with each facilitator to develop his particular process for that cohort / city. Then, assist the facilitator to perform that process (many of which will be listed below).
  • Develop a profile for each facilitator, including static data (birthday, anniversary, a bio sketch, etc).
  • Workshop materials (books & training materials) being purchased and delivered to the workshop location prior to the workshop and identify a specific location with the host where those materials and books will be kept. Verify that the cohort host admin person opens & inspects the workshop materials to insure that the proper materials have been delivered. Follow up with the cohort facilitator and participants with regard to materials. Send training materials and the next workshop books to the participants homes those who have missed a workshop.
  • Calendar Invites: Obtain dates, times, locations, and other details from the cohort facilitators and send calendar invites to the participants.
  • Coordinate with the cohort facilitator to arrange for all their logistical needs to be met including making hotel reservations, and flight reservations as needed.
  • Work carefully with each facilitator to determine, document, and schedule for what the particular process is that is needed for that city's cohort and for that facilitator.
  • Coordinate with the cohort location host for adequate space for the workshop to be conducted, lunch to be ordered and paid for
  • Finalizing, editing, and making available training documents additional to what is already published.
  • Assist, if needed, cohort facilitators with the development of invoices to AP for their work done and for expenses.

Workshops: Coordinating the details of cohort meetings and workshops including:

  • Workshop materials (books & training materials) being purchased and delivered to the host
  • Calendar Invites
  • Arrangements for lunch to be ordered and delivered


  • Represent the Anago Partners facilitators & staff in a professional and positive manner exemplary of the level of excellence that we seek to foster
  • Handle sensitive information with confidentiality, professionalism, and respect
  • Utilize office tools (Zoom, computer, Excel, MS Word, Google Database, MAC Office, Webpage maintenance, phone etc.) to accomplish the above objectives
  • Assist the VP of Pastoral Leadership to accomplish his tasks which are clerical/administrative in nature (email, communications, phone calls, etc)
  • Keep records of hours worked and report monthly time sheet to VP Pastoral Leadership
  • Manage Special Event Invitations, RSVPs, and coordinate with event planners


Personality Structure:

  • Highly detailed oriented and Well Organized.
  • Even while being administratively and task structured, always presenting a pleasant demeanor, friendly, respectful, courteous, decisive, and professional.


  • Has 3 - 5 years experienced in a similar role with good success as evidenced by references.

  • A self started, self motivated, taking initiative, anticipating facilitators needs

  • Highly motivated, and highly skilled 


  • A person of high moral character


  • Connects well with other AP staff and participants
  • Engages with others in a team of interdependent people who coordinate together to accomplish results


  • A close attention to details without it being stressful
  • A person who is able to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities listed in the accompanying job description for this position
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • MS Office (all products)
  • Web design & Maintenance, Postings
  • MAC Calendar, Mail,
  • Proof reading
  • Scheduling
  • Event Planning
  • Shipping, Receiving, Ordering
  • Meeting Planning

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