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January 23, 2023
Insight Global
Seattle WA United States

A large client of Insight Global is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to work within the research team to help invent the future of avatars in the metaverse

In this role, you will help create, refine, and integrate a range of 3D character and environment assets - both photoreal and stylized - into groundbreaking immersive, interactive research demo experiences.

Required Experience and Skills

● A portfolio of work earned during 4+ years of professional offline and realtime experience.

● Realtime body rigging & deformation knowledge - with face rigging as a plus.

● Knowledge of how to optimize film-level rigging systems for runtime experiences.

● Given hero DCC assets, create cloth and hair that work with realtime simulation solvers.

● Some mix of Maya, Blender, Substance Painter/Designer (or equivalent)

● Windows OS, baseline comfort with Linux OS


● Helping to drive and innovate a complete content integration and optimization pipeline, with prime focus on characters, rigs and materials, as well as some support for environments, lighting and VFX.

● Working iteratively with our team to balance performance with aesthetic needs, both in engine (e.g. Unity and Unreal) and offline rendering (e.g. Cycles/Blender)

● Optimize and sometimes re-make offline character rigging systems (skinning and blendshapes) to meet VR performance benchmarks.

Bonus Tools and Skills (nice to have, not required):

Houdini, Wrap3D, Hard surface modeling, Organic modeling, UV layout and optimization Substantial rigging deformation knowledge, facial rigging a plus, PBR texture creation/lookdev Cloth Simulation experience, Hair Simulation experience, Python scripting, Programming (a plus)

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